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About Me and My Leads

Yes, I know better. But you’ve got to start somewhere.

Perhaps you’re visiting this blog because you’ve gotten an unsolicited email from me.

Or a blind LinkedIn connection request.

That’s ok. I know that unsolicited emails are not a wonderful thing.

But I have had to start somewhere, and this is my start. If you've heard from me, I'd like to talk with you.

On the other hand, YOU are looking here because I’ve made an irresistible offer to you.

What makes it irresistible is a combination of you and me.

You, you’re a B2B marketing person, or someone in sales management, and you need to provide highly qualified leads to your sales or BDR teams.

(If you’re not someone like that, I can still probably help you with your marketing efforts, but that’s not my primary focus right now.)

And as for me, I’m offering you the most highly qualified leads you can get.

They are highly qualified, because my team has talked to them and asked them all the right questions.

These will be the kinds of questions you will have wanted your own internal people to ask.

These will be questions you will have asked us to ask.

And in most cases, we’ll have very good answers for you. People will say:

“Yes, we are interested in that topic.”

“Our current provider? That would be (likely you’ll see a competitor’s name here).”

We can get you BANT information for these folks.

“Yes, we have that budgeted.”

“Yes, I’m part of a buying group making this purchase.”

“Yes, we need that sort of thing.”

“Yes, we have plans to upgrade, in (a specific period of time).”

* * *

You see, we have an advantage, even over your own internal teams.

The advantage is, we are calling as a third-party provider, offering a thing of value.

The “value” is the content that you are offering.

We offer it on your behalf.

We are not selling anything at all.

If I had to say, I’d say that is our secret sauce. We are calling on your behalf.

Really, we are calling your prospects on their own behalf.

We offer nothing but help. State-of-the-art information about what they are looking for, and they would probably spend time Googl’ing for it anyway.

Of course, and we will gain opt-in permission from these leads for you to call or email them again – in compliance with all GDPR, CASL, and CCPA regulations.

* * *

Where do we fit in?

Yes, there are a million marketing options these days.

Maybe you’re running with some pay-per-click ads. That’s ok, but maybe not so good.

You never know who’s going to click on those things.

Maybe you’re running a content marketing program. That’s ok. Your prospects likely will search high and low for really good information about what they’re buying. They want to do the right thing for themselves and their companies as well.

Since your content is exactly what they’re looking for, we’ll put that content right in their hands.

Cost, you ask?

It doesn’t cost you anything to produce that content, really. Well, maybe it does. Maybe you’re spending a certain amount of your own time to write or produce the content. What’s your salary?

Or maybe you’ve got a marketing professional who’s producing your content. Or a team. What are their salaries, and how much of their time do they do that?

Oh, you say you’re working with an agency to produce content? Wow.

Or maybe you’re more sophisticated. You’re running a full-blown ABM (account-based marketing) program. You’ve got your first tier accounts. Your second tier accounts. Your third tier accounts.

But how many contacts do you have at each account? Do you have all the right people?

We can get that information for you as well.

* * *

That’s why my solution is (or can be) better.

All the leads that I’ll provide to you will be fresh. We will have just talked with them. They are interested in receiving your content.

The cost is minimal. And it’s something you arrange in advance.

You pay only for the leads. There is no extended commitment. There’s no software to buy. There are no people to have to hire, nor data to have to manage.

So, you’ve read this far. Are you still skeptical? Do you think there’s a catch? There isn’t.

We’ve got our system down. We’ve generated hundreds of thousands of leads over the years, for companies just like yours.

Let me show you. Let us do a test-pilot for you.

Are you getting crappy leads from PPC? Is your agency charging you too much?


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