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3rd Party Content Syndication: Part of Your Marketing Mix?

Where do your marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) come from?

Of course, they're shaped by things like industry, company size, and job roles or titles. You may also have targeted ABM lists of organizations that are more or less of a priority.

You acquire leads from a variety of sources.

If you're a small company, you can reach out to your personal contacts or to LinkedIn contacts, but chances are, you don't have nearly enough contacts from whom you can gain enough leads to sustain a business.

You can pay for display advertising on various social media or trade publications. But your ads must be compelling, and at pay-per-click rates, there's no telling how many poor and unqualified leads will click.

With patience, you can generate a list organically, via search engine optimization and inbound marketing. You may be able even to nurture them via email and other channels.

Webinars are difficult to produce properly, and unless you've got a celebrity presenter or a compelling message, they're a hard sell that a lot of people don't have time for.

And trade shows are expensive, if you can even have an on-site, in-person event.

Tried and true, but not really tried.

There are problems with all of those solutions. That's why we use a new, actually very old tool. The telephone.

This is where "purchased leads" can fit into your marketing efforts.

Here's what happens when you add 3rd Party Content Syndication to your marketing mix

We call it "3rd party content syndication".

We actually call people and talk with them.

We call them, and when we connect, we offer a thing of value -- your content.

And we ask them other questions, questions of your choosing -- current provider, time frame to purchase, any particular challenges that they are facing.

This process enables us to provide as many as 25, 50, or more, high quality, highly qualified marketing-qualified leads (MQLs).

Is this something that you could incorporate into your marketing mix?

Test-pilot a Content Syndication Program

We ask that you give us a try.

As a third-party, ABMarketing Leads is not actually selling anything. We provide a thing of value.

That "thing of value" is actually your content. We call YOUR targeted prospects, by industry, company size, and job roles or titles.

We'll deliver to you, each week, a highly targeted source of MQLs, with the information that you want on each individual person.

What's your "pay-per-click" rate? How much do you spend producing content or webinars? How are they performing?

You can take just a portion of that budget -- and for a brief period -- maybe just one quarter -- test our process vs one of your poorly-producing lead sources.

We believe you'll be very happy with the results.

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